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To identify, direct and facilitate the allocation of individuals' time, energy and skills towards local and global projects that create and support positive social change.

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It happens to all of us. We go about our daily lives and observe a situation and think, "Wouldn't it be good if....", but then so often say to ourselves, "Alone I don't have all the time, energy and means needed to make it happen." So we shrug, say "Oh well", and carry on with our daily lives.

Collectively we do have these resources, especially when coupled with the communication ease available today. This site reflects some of the ideas that have sprouted as a result of thinking "Wouldn't it be good if...". By pooling our time, energy, special skills, contacts and, most importantly, our enthusiasm, imagine what we can make happen!

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******************* Project Updates as of January 1st  2017 **********************

Senegal School Up & Running! Engaging Berlin Youth for 2018 School Build!

Moving forward from the successful school build in Malawi in 2014, the 12 members of the Berlin Chapter of the NGO „buildOn" travelled to Senegal this past July where we worked side by side with the villagers of the community of M‘boyene to lay the foundation of what is now a finished school! The villagers, in showing their commitment to the initiative, provided the land, local materials and the unskilled labor to build the school. Additionally, the village has committed to send girls and boys to school in equal numbers. This holistic approach ensures that schools are built with a community rather than for a community, involving villagers as true partners rather than as recipients of aid.

At the same time, the Berlin Chapter engaged youth from challenged backgrounds here in Berlin community to participate in the fundraising activities as well as in the actual school build in Senegal.

Our third school building project is earmarked for a one week time period in the time frame from March 24th and April 8th 2018.

Leading up to that project, in partnership with Berlin’s Elizabethstift, we are engaging youth from challenged backgrounds in local community service programs enabling them to gain confidence & skills. For example, back in December, 6 young adults contributed their time to help with the vast preparations needed for Frank Zander‘s annual Christmas Dinner for the Homeless and Needy. They assisted in setting many of the over 300 tables and helped prepare hundreds of the gift bags that were distributed to the homeless at the end of the event. Hats off to them for their contribution.

Looking ahead to the coming months, these young adults will also have opportunities to engage by volunteering their time at Berlin's Bahnhofsmission. In addition, we are excited to report that our initiative to pair youth & senior citizens in a buddy program is finally taking form. More details to follow shortly.

An additional highlight on the horizon for early 2017 is the “Spring Cleaning“ afternoon at the cemetery Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf. Here an exciting afternoon is planned tiding the graves of some of the most well known and important individuals in Berlin’s history.

We are always pleased to hear from all of you and even better, why not become involved? Most of what we do occurs simply through donating one’s time and talents. Join our relaxed, welcoming and engaged group!

Thank you for reading and your support. From small things come big things.