Platform for Positive Social Change


To identify, direct and facilitate the allocation of individuals' time, energy and skills towards local and global projects that create and support positive social change.

In plain text...

Since its launch in 2013, the Berlin based PPSC has been serving as a platform enabling youth and adults to become active in local and global community service projects. Though a partnership with Berlin’s Elisabethstift, youth from challenged backgrounds are also engaging in our projects, in turn gaining confidence & skills. Whether volunteering with senior citizens, the homeless or fundraising to build schools in developing countries with our partner, the initiatives put forward by the PPSC bring individuals together, creating community and fostering positive change.

Have a look at our different projects and become inspired! Perhaps you may be compelled to become involved. Most of what we do occurs simply through donating one’s time and talents. Join our relaxed, welcoming and engaged group. Follow us on Facebook to be informed as to what projects & initiatives are up next. 

From small things come big things.

Have an initiative of your own? See "Propose an Initiative."

Not yet convinced? Check out this video by Aryasb Feiz!